Christmas Gift Ideas

Give the gift of Style with one of my Gift Packages

Stylish At 50 membership

Yearly Membership (2 months free)


This package this package for the popular Stylishat50 membership includes

  • Regular member only content
  • The seasonal Capsule wardrobes valued at £58 (Spring and Autumn)
  • The complete Stylishat50 System course valued at £249
  • The Capsule Wardrobe Club valued at £300 for year
  • Personalised style advice from Maria at no extra cost



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Capsule Wardrobe Club

Yearly Membership (2 months free)


This package includes

  • A Basics capsule wardrobe for each season
  • Direct links to all the items in Basics  Capsule
  • Outfit ideas using the Basics Capsule
  • Weekly emails with a minimum of 3 new items which build into a monthly capsule
  • Outfit ideas for the monthly capsule
  • Outfit ideas using the monthly and Basics capsules




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Colour Analysis

Give the gift of colour...


This package is a virtual Colour Analysis (no need to travel) and includes everything the recipient needs to know abut wearing colour.

  • Their Dominant Colouring
  • Their Secondary colouring
  • A palette of 36 colours that will light them up
  • An additional 12 personalised colours
  • Details of how to mix and wear their best colours
  • The best jewellery and glasses colours
  • How to wear Black
  • Seasonal colours that are perfect for them
  • A full makeup prescription
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Style Makeover

Colour, Body Shape & capsule Wardrobe


A new "virtual" package which includes

  • Colour analysis with personalised colour palette
  • Makeup prescription
  • Body shape analysis
  • Advice on dressing your body shape
  • 6 Item capsule wardrobe selection (clothes not included) with pieces to suit your colouring, body shape, lifestyle and budget
  • Direct links to the selected pieces and a lookbook of outfits
  • Booklet containing all of your details and advice



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The Colour Blueprint

Give the gift of colour...


The complete step by step guide to understanding colour with video and text based lessons, downloads and guides.

  • How colour analysis works
  • How to determine your colouring
  • Discovering what's right for you
  • Customising your colour palette
  • Understanding neutrals and accents
  • The finishing touches - accessories, glasses and makeup
  • Colour palette examples
  • Creating colour schemes
  • Going grey
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Capsule Wardrobe Blueprint

How to create a capsule wardrobe


The complete step by step walk through to creating your own capsule wardrobe

  • How to create a colour palette
  • Determining how many colours you need - Plus lots of examples
  • How to design a capsule for your lifestyle
  • Easy formulas to determine how many pieces you need
  • Detailed suggestions for the pieces in your capsule
  • Creating your outfit look book
  • Capsule examples to inspire you



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Bags, Scarves and Jewellery

Our carefully curated selection of bags, scarves and jewellery are designed to suit your colouring. Choose one item, one of our accessory capsules or get advice on creating your own capsule.

These make beautiful personal gifts and we are always here to help with your choice.

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